Sunday, August 12, 2007

When Cook Took a look!

Dear friends,

On the outset let me disclose that the title of today's post absolutely indicates nothing that is going to follow. I just thought of 'cook' and then the rhyming words just tumbled by themselves.

I have always appreciated by comments that you have put down. Well appreciated is a much softer word, I have always been overjoyed. Well, I have neglected, 'Bhook Lagi'for more than two months now. Reason 1 - I am back in Kolkata, where my affectionate MIL tells me I have no work in kitchen, Reason 2- someone will always cook if I am not cooking, unlike in Suisse!

Cooking I realize is some sort of therapy too. I mean back in Suisse, when I had nothing really to do, I still got geared up for the evening dinner, and made it a point to lay the table well! Dinner after all was not a lonely affair like lunches, and like a true Taurean, I would not compromise on the table spread. Thats how I had started on food blogs. First the stumble, where I gorged on the wonderful recipes and pleasant pics and almost smelt the aroma, then the trial began and I offered hubby cuisines of sorts, and then one fine day there was Bhook Lagi!

I had promised I would continue to cook back here at least until I am too pressed with time. I am still looking for a job, and yet not cooking. Can you see any reason why I should not be a little depressed. So much that I would even stop browsing at food blogs. Hmm, well today for a change, hubby said, fried rice dear, something Chinese that you will cook. I smile and browse and then voila I get recipes and then I modify it to the availibilty and taste ( if you are asking how did it taste, I am yet to make it, after the post actually!). It was then, I thought of posting today's attempt at Bhook Lagi! I typed the address and there I saw the last post (till today) Dubba Time and then and then and then, I saw new comments and I saw some of you have added me to your blog rolls. My, am I honored!!

Here is kicking the lazy bum I have become and donning the chef's cap. Now let me go cook something lest we go to bed hungry, shouting slogans...bhook lagi, bhook lagi

So now the cook takes a new look! Really!

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